Top 5 Reason Professional Interior Designers Recommend Vinyl Flooring

Why should you choose vinyl flooring?

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The past few years have seen vinyl flooring Carson WA become more versatile and durable than ever before. Today, this flooring option is capable of offering realistic designs that looks exactly like the original. This is the number one reason why it has become the favorite of interior designers around the globe.

If you are looking to install new flooring in your home or office, the first thing you should do is consult a professional interior designer. Many of these professionals would advise you to glue down vinyl installation. Are you wondering why these experts prefer vinyl flooring over other options available currently? Read through the section below to know about the top reasons behind their recommendations.

1. Capable of mimicking nature

Vinyl flooring was always known for flooding the users with a wide selection of grains and colors. Over the time, the options available have only become more diverse. Today, these floorings are also available in designs that successfully mimic natural flooring materials such as stone and wood. The market even has faux wood vinyl flooring boasting texture that is exactly like that of natural timber. What’s more, the material comes in form of tiles which replicate the floorboards; a feature that ensures that your floors will have a realistic appearance. Flooring can even be matched with other home features like your deck.

2. Highly durable

When property owners spend money for installing new flooring often their primary concern is durability of the material. Vinyl flooring scores pretty impressively in this department. When laid correctly, you can expect these floorings to last for more than two decades even with little maintenance. Vinyl flooring is capable of withstanding adversities like heavy traffic; it’s stain-resistant and hard-wearing.

3. Waterproof

Vinyl flooring is 100% waterproof; it holds up perfect in the wet areas of a building. This feature makes it the most comprehensive option for kitchens, covered patios, and bathrooms.

4. Soft underfoot

This is one quality you cannot expect materials like real timber, tiles, etc. to offer. Vinyl flooring is much softer underfoot when compared other flooring materials. Due to the felt backing or foam layer they carry, standing on these floorings is more comfortable. The floor’s resilience also make it much quieter compared to the majority of the hard floor types.

5. Easy to maintain and clean

Due the hectic lifestyle of people of the current generation, maintenance has turned out to be one of the major issues of most property owners. This is another reason top interior designers don’t like looking beyond vinyl flooring. You will need to put in minimum effort for keeping vinyl floors in good shape for years.

Vinyl flooring is remarkably hygienic. Cleaning it is also amazingly easy. As a result of being water-resistant, they never become breeding ground for bacteria. Another reason for which it’s bacteria-resistant is the limited number of seams it carries; bacteria don’t get enough place to hide in the vinyl floors. In addition, all the seams remain sealed which ensures that bacteria cannot enter the flooring. Flooring companies can often perform other remodeling services at the same time.

The resilient nature of this flooring type will allow you to sanitize it with chemical-based disinfectants without causing any harm to the material.