Why Should You Opt for Hardwood Floors?

Should you choose hardwood flooring?

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When one thinks of the flooring choices that are available in the market, factors such as durability and the immediate impact it has on the house play an important role. Homeowners have always been attracted by wood floors, and nowadays hardwood flooring is a common choice among residential as well as commercial homeowners. Wood floors have a greater longevity compared to other flooring options and it is also better for the health of the residents. And with the attractive appeal that hardwood floors provide it has turned into a very common choice among homeowners. Hardwood floors Phoenix is a firm that has seen reasonable success in the last few years for the quality of service it provides. If you have a home renovation in mind or have plans of getting a new flooring system for your house, read on further to find out about the benefits of hardwood flooring.

Installation :

Genuine hardwood floors are designed for an uniform fit and it is very easy to install though it needs a bit of experience. Though finished and unfinished hardwood floors have different installation procedures, they are both very simple.

Versatility :

Styles and trends change over time, one of the main advantages of hardwood floors is it is versatility. They are compatible with any style, and with the wide range of designs and patterns this type of flooring is one of the versatile flooring options in the market.

Air Quality :

Unlike carpet floors, hardwood floors do not trap dust particles, allergens, animal scurf etc and thus improves the quality of air in the rooms and overall home. Wood floors are even prescribed to patients suffering from frequent allergic reactions. While the tile floors or laminate floors are devoid of fibers, the grout lines they contain hides dust particles that degrades the air quality.

Acoustics :

Wood floors play an important factor in improving the acoustics of a rooms. This is the reason for the presence of wood floors in studios, jam pads, dance studios etc. Wood floors reduce the vague sounds or vibrations that occur occasionally. Things like insulation can affect acoustics as well.

Durable :

As the historical structures around the globe with wooden floors suggest, hardwood floors can last over a century if proper installation procedures are employed. Hardwood floors last longer that any of it is competitor. And hardwood floors can be refinished and repaired with ease which eliminates the need of replacing the entire flooring regularly. Though hardwood floors can stand the test of time, owners can choose to refinish the floors to add some new pattern to suit some other type of decor.

Resale Value :

Buyers prefer hardwood floors to any other type, and thus this type of flooring system adds value to your house. It’s a great remodeling investment. Majority of buyers are reluctant to housed with carpets, specially someone else’s carpet, as they stand as a sign of allergy. Home buyers are required to change the carpets if the house has carpet flooring. Thus buyers prefer hardwood floors to carpet floors, the durability and the versatility of floors form an influence over the buyers.