Wood Floor Refinishing Phoenix

wood floor refinishing phoenix

Floors can make or break a house. Wooden floors made from Oak, Cherry, Birch and Walnut, for instance, are guaranteed to enhance any room, whether for home or business. Thicknesses vary and the flooring can be installed above or on grade. These beautiful wood floors are always a reliable and attractive choice. All wood floors require finishing as this is what protects the floor from general wear. Wood floor refinishing Phoenix requires sanding the wood and applying the finish, of which there are a number available.

Of course, with factory-finished wood flooring, the finish has already been apphttp://wood floor refinishing phoenixlied at the manufacturer’s facility. This means that the wood floors will be installed much quicker as the sanding and finishing process has already been completed. You can walk on the floors immediately after they have been installed.

Choose Experience and Skill every Time

Easy to clean complete with superb looks, hardwood floors offer all the warmth, value and beauty from nature. The wood is kiln-dried, manufactured, installed and then finished to high standards so that they last and are able to stand up to heavy foot traffic and stains. They are tough and hard wearing.

There are many colours ad stains available, and that’s precisely why it is important to choose skilled, experienced and talent wooden floor suppliers. They know all the different hardwood species and how each one is to be handled. They know the proper methods to use and they will be a member of the National Wood Flooring Association.

Costlier Eco-Friendly Finishes a Wise Choice

In this day and age, customers are increasingly showing interest in eco-friendly finishes too. Your hardwood flooring specialist can answer all your questions about finishing options. There are a number of waterborne finishes available and the 2-component waterborne finishes are more expensive than the 1-component finishes.

However it goes without saying that 3 coats of water-based finish will do a much better job at protecting the hardwood than the 2 coats of Swedish finish for instance. Homeowners concerned about their health, prefer the eco-friendly water-base option. The difference with the water based polyurethanes is the final color. For instance, the water-based polys will dry clear while the oil-based ones will have a slight amber tint.

Oil-based polyurethanes are still widely used by professional finishers, simply because they are tough and long-lasting and they’re cheaper than the water-based. Yes, you’ll find they have the higher VOC content complete with that strong odour during application and this is off-putting for many wooden floor enthusiasts. Lots of people like to take a small getaway while their oil-based floors are being installed and to return when the smell has gone.

Being Accustomed to Beauty

Your wooden floor may just be looking for a bit of a touch-up or it may be looking tired and faded and require a complete overhaul. Wooden floors are so exquisite, make sure you choose true wood floor experts so that excellence and beauty will continue to be reflected in your stylish flooring choice.