Reasons Why Every Home Deserves Sod in Snohomish

Why should you invest in Sod?

Sod Snohomish

Did you know that the condition of your lawn tells a lot about you? Yes, it does. A well manicured, well watered and healthy layer of green grass depicts care, kindness, love, and attention to detail. Who wouldn’t want to associate with someone with such qualities? On the other hand, a lawn with bald patches, overgrown and dry grass shows carelessness, laziness, and instability. We are the highest ranked experts in installation
As much as beautiful lawns are everyone’s desire, they may be challenging to achieve. Planting grass seeds may backfire and leave patches of dead and uneven grass. Worst case scenario, the process may take too long or even fail to grow. However, every modern homeowner knows that the quickest way to a picture perfect lawn is by the use of sod. Although there are many dealers out there proclaiming to sell and install authentic sod grass, you still need to be knowledgeable on this topic. As an expert, we feel the need to educate our readers on the importance of installing sod.

The best choice is sod.

Sod is the ultimate choice for modern homes and commercial premises. Not only is it visually appealing, it grows impressively fast compared to grass seed. If you’re hosting your family/ friends in the near future, you’d best choose to lay your sod in right away. It takes a shorter period of time and requires minimal effort.
If you’re putting your home up for sale, sod may increase its market value. It highly improves the general appeal of the home which helps in enticing the prospective buyers into buying. Maintaining sod is easier than you think.

While you’re forced to wait for the perfect time/season to plant ordinary grass, sod leaves room for a little flexibility. It does well at any time of the year hence reliable. In addition to this, sod serves as a natural air conditioner. On a sunny day, you will notice an instant cooling effect when standing barefeet on your turf. Enjoy the massaging texture of the grass while at it.

  • A serene view of an evenly grown and green lawn is known to have a calming effect to the human mind. This means that sitting in your gazebo, drink in hand and looking around your beautiful lawn may lower your stress levels and even enable you to make better decisions.
  • Worried about installing your sod grass? You’ll be excited to know that we have a team of experts who are highly skilled in laying sod in lawns. Unlike grass, it takes a shorter period of time to take root and sprout. We will additionally perform routine follow-up visits to ensure proper growth.
  • Sod allows you the luxury of owning a picturesque lawn with minimal manual input. It doesn’t demand frequent watering for its growth and maintenance compared to seed. One of our experts will advise accordingly depending on the kind and size of sod that you decide to install. Additionally, sod facilitates easy management as it does not demand frequent gardening to pull out weeds like seed would.

Did you know that a 50 X 50 green lawn is capable of producing enough oxygen for a family of four to breathe in for an entire year? It’s true. If you want to play a role in taking care of the environment then you need to install a healthy layer of green grass on your lawn. Besides increasing the production of oxygen, a grass-full lawn lowers the rate at which moisture evaporates from the ground.