All You Need to Know about Attic Insulation

What should you know about attic insulation?

Attic Insulation Peoria, AZ

As a pre-winter preparation, it is not unusual to get prepared for the additional energy expenses that one need to pay in order to stay warm during the winters. However, investment in the right kind of home improvements can help a lot to improve one’s day to day comfort and cut expenses as well. One such place is the attic. It has been well observed in some cases that by insulating the attic, in a proper manner, one can save up to 50 percent on a regular 7 typical heating bill. While there are many styles of roofs and homes, for some house owners the most effective way to save on energy expenses is the insulation of the attic. For the Attic insulation Peoria, AZ has many contractors. Here are the important things that one must remember while insulating the attic.

Assessment of the current condition

It is important to assess the current condition of the attic, prior to adding insulation. This may require the assistance of a builder or an architect. Damp or wet insulation & rotted rafters may indicate the moisture problems, probably stemming from a leak in the roof, which is to be addressed prior to installation of insulation. Further, if the rafters appear to be split or sagging, they should be strengthened before going ahead with insulation. Usually, without attic insulation, heat normally rises up and warms the roof. Whereas, a fully insulated attic prevents the roof from getting more warmed & the snow melts at a comparatively slower rate and can accumulate continuously. But if the existing rafters are not of proper size then there is more risk of failure of the roof with an increasing snow load. Therefore, evaluating the conditions of the existing roof structures & attic space are important before starting the project.

Sealing the Place

After the evaluation, the attic should be air-sealed; by eliminating any cracks, gaps or holes that can allow air transfer between the outside & the inside. This will help in maintaining the desired temperature. It is advised to get a professional help as attics usually require some level of ventilation. Attic remodeling can save you money and pay for itself in the long term.

Selecting the Right Insulation

Once the attic is air sealed, one needs to select the suitable insulation. A great remodeling company can help you choose. One can choose from batt, blown-in cellulose and spray foam. Further while selecting the right insulation, the three main factors should be considered. The three factors are right R-value, space available and insulation cost.

  • The R-value is the rating given to the insulating material’s thermal resistance, normally per inch of material. If the R-value is higher than the insulation will also be better.
  • Different categories of insulation require different amounts of space for effective insulation. This factor depends vastly on the conditions of the attic.
  • The different types of insulation will cost differently. One must choose the type suitable for the attic.

Installing attic insulation during winters is a long-term investment with benefits which are worthwhile as it can decrease the heating bills significantly. The attic insulation also has an added benefit of minimizing the air conditioning bills when the temperature will start rising.